Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kelly's Home!

My sister Kelly returned home last night, and she instantly fell in love with her FAIRY GARDEN! Her grandson said that he loved seeing his picture on the fence. I hope they take great care of it.
She actually wants to start one for them.
When will they be out of town???
Who knows where the next garden will appear ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bird's Eye View


"17505 West Hampton" Created for the Lane's Family Estate

17505 West Hampton

"17505 West Hampton" is the fairy garden I created for my sister! I absolutely love how it turned out! Filled with lots of detail...I can't name my favorite thing in this fairy garden because everything is soooo pleasing to the eye* This is the garden I will enter into the fairy garden contest! *wish me luck*

Ready 4 my close up!!

My very first fairy garden!!.. appropriately titled "6302 Winter Drive"...seeing as that's my address. Its small, and sits in the corner of my deck.

Succulent Plants

I love love love Succulent plants! I have them ALL OVER, I fell in love with succulents last summer. And in actuality they are perfect for my fairy gardens! I like using real greenery. I have some used as fillers, some stand alone to serve as tiny bushes. I have some in tiny clay pots. I think they add great detail to the gardens.

little bit of this... little bit of that

So for these fairy gardens a lot miniature garden items are created to make them seem so realistic! Most websites have a variety of things, white picket fences, gazing balls, shovels, tiny scooters. Some of these things I thought I could get away with making myself! Pictured here is My gazing ball. The "ball" itself is a funky looking BEAD I found at JoAnn Fabrics..the platform the ball sits on is actually modeling clay, that I also found at JoAnn Fabrics. It came in a little kit, you mold the clay into the shape you want and pop it in the oven to harden. After that I just glued the Bead on top of the clay. (simple huh?) The water hose I made myself, with green wire. It's bendable..looks adorable!